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Project Consulting

Does your organization have great ideas of the kinds of development and research work it can do, but struggle to make the connections with strategic funders, use the right kind of language in project proposals, or provide the right quality outputs to secure continuous international funding?


Working between the UK and US, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Chile, with big donors and small companies and organizations, I gained the outlook, languages and practical skills to help my clients bridge these distances. 


As a consultant, I help translate your organization's goals and needs to meet the demands of an international market. Using language experience and cultural sensitivity, I enable you to raise your project quality to a global level, winning the confidence of your international funders and increasing your social impacts. My primary expertise is in migration, livelihood and labor issues, as well as anti-corruption projects.

Read more about the types of services I provide:

Migration | Labor & Livelihoods 


Project design

We work together to plan a strategy for your research and funding goals


I take your ideas and turn them into creative, well-researched project and funding/grant proposals


I meet your research goals by conducting desk research, interviews & focus groups, surveys or social media analysis  


I write concept notes and project reports based on input, research and evaluation, in line with funder requirements 

Organizations I have partnered with:

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"Isabelle McRae has been one of our most successful and promising colleagues in many respects. She has substantial experience working in multicultural environments and has made a great contribution to the growth of our organization with the projects she researched and wrote."

 -Hüseyin Demir, INOGAR Cooperative

"In Turkey, the projects Isabelle wrote in the field of humanitarian aid for our organization are now being implemented flawlessy."

 -Sümeyye Hamaşoğlu, Chance to Change Project Coordinator, pictured above together in Şanlıurfa

"Isabelle McRae went above and beyond in her ability to interact with others. In addition to being a great analyst, her personality and skill at communicating complex ideas simply and effectively made her a star in team as well as client meetings."

 -Nolan MacGregor, Jarrow Insights

Do you have an upcoming project or deadline you need support with? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss it:

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